Friday, May 21, 2010

I received a message this week from one of my book readers who made a rather profound statement, in my opinion. She said that she reads because she loves it so much. That might sound trivial, but I'm contrasting it with how many others tell me they would like to read more but don't have the time. She's making the time. Why? Because she loves it!

I hear something similar from those who say they'd like to try writing. "I'd love to have time to write," they say. Or, "I wish I could write like you." Often I will ask if they've ever tried to write seriously, and many of them say, "Oh, I've never had the time."

Then again some have tried and simply can't, and to me that's a valid response. Writing isn't for everyone. And while most women I know can read just fine, some don't enjoy it, and that's okay too. Life is meant to be enjoyed. What do you enjoy? What do you wish you had more time to do?

I know something just came to mind. Don't ignore it. Don't put it off another day! Do it. Try it. Try something new, or fall back into an old favorite. Duties and responsibilities will still be there tomorrow. The dishes will get done eventually. A house of clutter with happy people dwelling in it is better than a spotless one with inhabitants who are enjoyment-deprived. Maybe you love to clean house, so clean away! Or maybe you'd rather be reading, or writing, or gardening, or playing a game with your kids, or sewing, or scrapbooking, or teaching others to do what you love. Whatever it is, just do it! If it will bring you joy, that's all the reason you need.

"The fruit of the Spirit such things there is no law." Gal 5:23