Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Easter Meditation

Believing in the sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus is the essence of Easter. When I think of the death of Jesus, I think of His great love. He came to tell us about God's love, and He also proved it. Jesus Himself said there is no greater love than one who lays down his life for his friends, and that's exactly what He did. Nothing displays the love of God like His willingness to be crucified.

When I think of Jesus' resurrection, I think of His great power. Nothing can contain Him, not even death, and His power over death gives me hope. The hope of eternal life and the hope that nothing is impossible with God.

While reading in Luke this week, though not specifically the Easter Story, I was struck by these aspects of Jesus' character and others I have lined out below. I encourage you to read the verses and allow the truth of all Jesus is to sink deep into your soul. May you be quieted, comforted, inspired, and awed by His truthful words and amazing deeds. Have a blessed Easter.

 Believe in His Strength
--Luke 4:1-13

Believe in His Authenticity
--Luke 4:14-22

Believe in His Love and Mission
--Luke 4:18-19

Believe in His Teaching
--Luke 4:31-32

Believe in His Power
--Luke 4:33-41

Believe in His Determination
--Luke 4:28-30; 42-44

Believe in His Commands
--Luke 5:4-7

Believe in His Mercy, Authority, and Leadership
--Luke 5:8-11

Believe in His Compassion
--Luke 5:12-13

Believe in His Healing and Forgiveness
--Luke 5:17-32

Believe in His Awesomeness
--Luke 5:26

Believe in His Invitation
--Luke 5:27-28