Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life." John 6:63

I was thinking today about how priceless the Bible is. The words of God are written down for us to find truth in a world of conflicting messages, confusion, short-sighted wisdom, and bad news. The very words of Jesus are recorded for us to believe and live by. Jesus Himself calls them words of spirit and life, and they are! How many times have I been feeling lost or discouraged or forgotten, and His simple words have refreshed me? How many times have I felt hopeless, and a beacon of light from Heaven has enveloped me in its truth? That I am loved. That God is near. That I am safe. That faith can move mountains.

People often tell me that my words and stories inspire them. They wonder where my words come from. They are blessed, and I am glad, but it's not as mysterious as one might think. I can explain it. I speak words of truth and inspiration because I live by words of truth and inspiration. God's words to me are more than words in a book. They are more than sacred and holy. They are more than religious wisdom. They are words of my Creator who loves me, and He desires for me to know Him.

To know Him I must know what He says and interpret His words correctly. I must know His character. I must know Him on a heart level. I must know Him through life experiences, good and bad. I must read, and I must seek, and I must open my mind and heart to the possibilities. Sometimes it's easy and other times grueling, but it's always worth it.

Today I was reading about God entrusting us with things that we can share with others. I was thinking about the different things I share, from money and other tangible things, to the intangible treasures of faith, hope, and good advice. My advice today is this: read the Bible today and every day; do a Bible study, either on your own or with others. There is value in both ways. But don't do it out of duty or obligation. Don't do it just to be a Bible scholar or a know-it-all or as a platform to judge others and tell them how to live. Do it with joy. For yourself. For truth to live by. For hope to go on. For wisdom to succeed. For inspiration.

God's words are for you. They're priceless. And they're right at your fingertips, even if you must dust off your Bible a little first :)